Welcome to the Chinese School of CLCC. The first day of the Spring Semester of the 2018 academic year is February 4, 2018. The classes are scheduled on Sundays 2:00 - 4:00pm. Tuition is $160 per semester per student. There are 12 classes designed based on the levels of language proficiency and interest of students. There are also 2 math classes and a dance class. Please check the Registration Form and the Calendar before the student attend the school. Registration could be done on the first day of school. Please come 30 minutes earlier if you are a new students. For more questions, please e-mail:   charlestonchineseculturecenter@gmail.com

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華文中心 中文学校


Learning activities are from Kindergarten to grade 12, but students of all ages are welcome in any activity. Simplified Chinese characters and Pin-Yin are taught.

Chinese and Culture

Experience the difference

Our unique Chinese program allows you to fully experience the language and the culture

Our Mission

 The Mission of the Chinese Language and Cultural Center is to enrich Chinese culture through various activities, special art and cultural events. Developing character and mind of students

We are committed to rich Chinese traditions and culture. We also promise a lot of fun for everybody in your family......

欢迎加入中文学校。 2018 年度春季班2月4日开学。每学期学费$160 。上课时间周日下午2:00-4:00。班级按年龄(4岁到18 岁)和进度一共有中文语言班和数学班12 个。中文学校还有一个课后舞蹈班。如果是新生请在上课第一天提前半小时到校报到注册。请在开学前查看注册表时间表。有问题请电子邮件到:charlestonchineseculturecenter@gmail.com