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Our unique Chinese program allows you to fully experience the language and the culture

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 The Mission of the Chinese Language and Cultural Center is to enrich Chinese culture through various activities, special art and cultural events. Developing character and mind of students

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Learning activities are from Kindergarten to grade 12, but students of all ages are welcome in any activity. Simplified Chinese characters and Pin-Yin are taught.

Dear parents,

The CLCC’s Chinese school finally secured its facility. The address is 2325 Charleston Regional Parkway, Charleston, SC 29492. The new facility is in better condition and can serve as a long-term facility for CLCC to serve the community together with the East Light Academy.  Located within Charleston Regional Business Park, the building is just off Clement Ferry Road, and 1.2 mile from I-526. 

Since the lease will take effect on 2/1/2018, the school decided to accommodate its opening to Sunday, February 4.  Please note that the lesson time has changed to 2:00-4:00 pm.  The updated school calendar is attached.

Next week, on Saturday and Sunday (1/27 and 1/28) there will be two open house opportunities for you to tour the building and meet the teachers and friends.  You are welcome to do registration on site as well. Details of the open house is:  Saturday, January 27 2:00pm-4:00pm; Sunday 28, 2:00pm –5 :00 pm.

Looking forward to meeting all of you at the new facility.

School Board, CLCC


        在过去的几个月里,我们一直在为中文学校(同时也为东华双语学校)的新校址奔波。为了中文学校的长远发展,我们必须寻找一个稳定的,条件充裕的校舍,并且这个校址必须适中,以方便居住在大查尔斯顿地区所有家庭的交通。现在可以很高兴地告诉大家,我们努力没有落空。 昨天,贺宁基校长代表东华学校董事会 ,签订了租约。这个校址完全符合我们的要求。 新校舍地址:2325 Charleston Regional Parkway, Charleston,  SC 29492,离I-526 的Clement Ferry Road 的出口只有1.2 英里。

        接下来,东华学校要为今年秋季 开始招生筹备工作,而我们华文中心,作为东华学校在本地社区最有力的支持者和合作者,可以用同一个校舍开办課後及周末的中文学校等文化活动。  由于租约是二月一日开始,我们中文学校也相应地把今年春季开学时间定于 二月四日,并且把上课时间改为:星期天下午2:00 – 4:00.  请看附件中的学校校历。

      下周星期六,星期天 (二十七、二十八日)是东华学校和中文学校的Open House, 欢迎大家前来参观,亦可注册。亲朋好友对中文学校以及东华学校有兴趣者,也欢迎一起来。具体时间是周六,1 月27日下午2:00 -4:00 pm;周日,1 月28 日下午2:00- 5:00 pm.